• Administrative =  $250.00/per day, per party.
  • Arbitration/mediation hourly =  
  • 2 Party Case = $350/hr, per party.  
  • 3 Party case = $300/hr, per party.  
  • 4 Party Case = $250/hr, per party.  
  • 5 Party Case = $200/hr, per party.
  • Cases in Atlanta area requires a 4 hour Hearing minimum.
  • Cases outside Atlanta Metro area requires a 8 Hour Hearing minimum.
  • Fees include any additional time spent reviewing documents, researching, written findings of fact/law and any other necessary time required to make an informed decision.


  • Travel time for hearings within  Atlanta area – Included.
  • Travel time for hearings outside Atlanta area – $125.00/hour.
  • Customary travel expenses.  (Including, but not limited to, airfare, mileage, car rental, lodging and meals) 


  • “Party” mentioned above refers to billable parties.  
  • This is so without regards to the number of parties named in the suit.
  • All charges will be shared equally among all parties.
  • Unless parties have agreed otherwise in writing.
  • Or Arbitrator has awarded otherwise.
  • Parties representing themselves pro se, are required to pay an estimated deposit.
  • Estimated deposit must be made before hearing date will be confirmed.
  • Contract for services is with the Attorney(s).
  • Credit will be extended to Attorney(s).
  • No advance deposit required.
  • Attorney(s) is responsible for collecting fees from their client.
  • Payment expected from Attorney(s), irrespective of client activity.
  • Payment in full of all fees is expected before award being published.
  • This applies on every Arbitration.


  • Once case information has been provided to us, written confirmation of your hearing will be emailed to all parties.
  • This confirmation of hearing will be emailed within 48 hours of same.
  • Re-confirmation email will be sent out 2 weeks prior to scheduled hearing date.
  • Rescheduling or cancellation request received at or before 2 weeks, FOURTEEN (14) days of the scheduled hearing date, after a hearing date has been scheduled and notices have been sent out, no cancellation fees apply.
  • Rescheduling or cancellation request for any reason received within 2 weeks, FOURTEEN (14) days of the original date set for hearing, a cancellation fee of 4 hours will be charged at the assigned hourly rate to each party.
  • Cases booked within the 14 days cancellation period are considered confirmed.
  • Confirmed cases are subject to the above cancellation policy.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling request must be received in writing. (Preference given to email)
  • Contact us at [email protected] to cancel or reschedule to another date that is suitable for all parties.
  • Request should include the Wings of Justice matter #, the style of the case, the original hearing date and the reason for the cancellation request.
  • Copies of this request should be sent to all participants in the matter.

Our policies are geared towards ensuring our clients are able to secure their hearing dates.  And correspondingly our mediator/Arbitrator is making the commitment to work your case on your requested date.


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