Captain Handel Wellington

Handel O. Wellington, J. D.

Handel Wellington is a Georgia Court Professional. He is registered with the Georgia Supreme Court Commission of Dispute Resolution as a Civil Mediator, Divorce Mediator, and Arbitrator.

Handel is a fair and impartial adjudicator who firmly believes that “Justice delayed is Justice denied”. That is why he offers the necessary care, attention, confidentiality and efficiency you need when conducting hearings and rendering a decision on your case.

Handel specializes in Aviation, Administration Law, Constitutional, Contracts, Labor/Employment, Family, and Personal Injury issues.

Handel has a very unusual, unique, unorthodox and unconventional background. Aside from working in the legal field as an Arbitrator, he also works in the field of aviation.

Before this Handel served as a Boeing 777 Captain for a Major International Airline for approximately 10 years, gaining vast International knowledge and experience flying to 6 of the 7 habitable Continents worldwide. He loves being an Airline Pilot.

However, upon discovering his new found passion for law, he soon learned that this is an additional area through which he can make a positive difference in peoples lives. He enjoys doing both Law and Aviation. Handel is currently a Captain and Instructor for a major airline on the Boeing 747 aircraft.


  • Juris Prudence Doctor, Taft Law School (2019)
  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology, Walla Walla University (2001)
  • Pre-Engineering, Northern Caribbean University (1998)

Legal Employment and Experience

  • Divorce Mediator (Neutral), Wings of Justice Mediation and Arbitration Services, (2020 to Present)
  • Civil Mediator (Neutral), Wings of Justice Mediation and Arbitration Services, (2020 to Present)
  • Arbitrator (Neutral), Wings of Justice Mediation and Arbitration Services, (2020 to Present)

Professional Affiliations

  • Registered Neutral with the Georgia Supreme Court

Mediation/Arbitration Training

  • Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service, Inc (2020) 
  • Taft Law School (2019)

Areas of Expertise

  • Aviation
  • Administration Law
  • Constitutional
  • Contracts
  • Family
  • Labor/Employment
  • Property
  • Personal Injury